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The Opportunity for Temptation

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe said these words to her as though she should be proud of them. As though they should give her comfort in his affairs, and treatment of her in their marriage. As some sort of championship feat, unmatched by his extramarital affair lovers. She was silent and tears rolled down her face. This was the final straw. She knew it was over. It was more than past time to walk away. She felt something she hadn’t felt before since she first found out about her husbands affairs. Utter humiliation, entangled with anger. Not toward Jason, but herself for allowing the situation to escalate to this level of disrespect. He opened his eyes and looked at her because he could feel her tears hit his chest. She stood and went into the bathroom to clean herself up. But instead, fell to her knees in front of the shower and burst into tears. She couldn’t control her emotions. She usually held her tears until she was alone. Which wasn’t often, as her son Jared spent almost every waking moment with her because she didn’t trust what he would say if she weren’t there to buffer his conversation with others. And, from the first few weeks following her finding out about the affairs after Jared mentioned that he hears her crying often, even when alone she’d stopped showing emotion. But like a time bomb they exploded, and she cried out in a crumpled heap on the bathroom floor. He closed his eyes, sighed and whispered to himself, “Ugh, Jason, what’s wrong with you. That was insensitive, even for you. That was too much. Go get her. Hold her in your arms and comfort her. You have to fix this, Jason. That was too over the top.” He got out of bed, went into the bathroom, he knelt beside her, and pulled her into his arms, “Trina. Come here, baby. Come here. I got you…I got you, baby.” He kissed the top of her head, “Shhhhh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, baby. That was cruel. I’m sorry, Trina. I’m sorry…okay, baby.” She wept, but allowed him to hold her. As crazy as it may seem. She really needed to cry in his arms and was angry with herself that she wanted to be there. Because that fact, to her at least, showed just how much control he had over her. She desperately tried to no avail to control her tears. Her body shook as she began to rock back and forth and cried out almost to the point of screaming. All the hurt she’d felt over the last six or seven months came exploding out of her. She had never fully allowed herself to weep. Between being with Jared most of the day and Jason at night, she’d learned to suppress her emotions about the affairs. Her pain filled the room, and the air became thick and stifling. Jason now understood the magnitude of how much pain and suffering he’d caused his wife to endure. For the first time he felt remorse, and her tears tormented him. “Come on, Trina. I need you to stop crying, okay.” She continued to weep. There was no stopping her. “Okay, come on baby, please stop. I said I was sorry, okay. Come on Trina stop crying baby. Ugh…baby, I promise I won’t talk like that when we’re in bed together anymore. I won’t talk about them when I’m with you, okay. Come on, baby…stop crying.” She could feel his body stiffen, but she couldn’t stop crying. Every fiber of her being hurt and every level of pain inside of her. She was overwhelmed by what she had endured in her marriage. She felt like she had a ten-pound hair ball in her stomach, and began to cramp. She was battling to keep her sanity, and her emotions were being extracted from her body. The almost unbearable pain in her stomach ached as though she were being pushed through a meat grinder, with the butcher just out of her reach with no way to stop him from turning the crank handle. She had never felt so much pain. She could feel the blood being forced through her veins and arteries at a rushing speed and she feared she would lose consciousness at any moment. How can emotional hurt bring this type of force, she wondered?

Trina and Jason Morris

~The Opportunity for Temptation~
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T.O.S.O.T. Tuesday Week one

The Other Side of Through

Day Nine: Twenty-One Days With God

Day Nine: On day nine God said something to me that I had always known but never truly put serious meditation on.  He said…I am your next breathe. Life starts when I breathe on it. I am the one who allows conception. So every life is precious to me; every soul a valuable commodity. Therefore… he paused and then asked me, “Can I trust you with the souls of others?” Preach the truth only my daughter…feed and protect my sheep!

We have the power and it’s in our mouths. God’s Holy Word declares in the book of Proverbs that “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof”. You will have what you give constant meditation and acknowledgement too. The childhood declaration we used to all say back the day has some biblical truth to it: “What you think about you talk about it, and what you talk about it, you bring about it”.  So you will eat the fruit of what you labor physically and verbally. If you labor love and you will eat love.

The word “power” in that scripture is a Hebrew word that means “hand”, so when words leave our mouth, like a “hand” they begin to form what we say.

God said to me words are creative in the supernatural realm, but they can also be destructive. So watch carefully your words my daughter and use your tongue to create not to destroy. I cried out to him saying…Lord give me the value for souls that you have…I release you to change me!!

I was so in awe as prayer came to a close and was in great anticipation on what revelation day ten would bring!

Day Eight: Twenty-One Days With God

Day Eight: On day eight God began to open my spiritual ears sharing with me that divine instruction opens the way for a blessing, because it makes way for a new beginning of blessings.  So be willing to move your feet in the direction of change. You control the amount of blessing you receive. Matthew 13:23 But he that received seed into the good ground is he that heareth the word, and understandeth it; which also beareth fruit, and bringeth forth, some an hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.

Your hearing and understanding of the word of God is a direct influence on your level of reception in the things of God.  We often say you have not because you ask not paraphrasing James 4:2. We have become a “name it and claim it” generation.  But if there is no real relationship with God the Father through his Son Jesus Christ you can name and claim all you want but you will still stand empty-handed.

John 15:7  says, If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. If there is NO abiding there will be NO claiming.  We want to have an Outer Court relationship with God but receive the Most Holy Place blessing from God.

We must develop our relationship with God.  The only way to do that is to spend time with Him in prayer and study time in His word.  There is no short cut. It has been often said that salvation is free but the anointing will cost you.  That is somewhat true because you will have to part with fleshly desires to walk in the anointing of God. But I also stand today saying salvation is not free because it cost God everything…HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON!

God distinctively called out to me on the eighth day saying…go beyond the surface…go behind the veil…go beyond the obvious and put in some real work with your relationship with ME.  Get past the easy saints of God, it will only get you to the Outer Court.  Go ahead and really give your life to GOD…really tell HIM you belong to HIM….really follow HIS orders…really let HIM be a lamp unto your feet…really let HIM be a light unto your path…really let HIM be GOD of your life…really let HIM be in control of your day…really surrender yourself to HIM.  I’m not talking about saying it and getting momentarily excited about it…I mean really live a fasted lifestyle…really just do what the HOLY SPIRIT says when HE says do it…just do it…stop hesitating…stop debating…stop reasoning with yourself…if you know GOD…then you’ll know HIS voice…do you really know HIM…then STOP making excuses…go ahead and live for HIM, and the blessings are awesome.  Truly eight is the number of new beginnings…I felt new that morning!!!!!

Lord I release you to change me!! And I stood ready to receive what He had for me on day nine…