The Beauty and the Beast Within

#Readers you asked for it and this author is delivering! The Travis’ and the Goodfellows are back in The Beauty and the Beast Within! Meet the Grants, Greens and the William’s. Look for it summer 2017. You all wanted to know what happened. Well here it is!!!! Get ready for another climax! In the mean time, catch up on the series:
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I May Bend But I Will Not Break

Freedom in Jesus Christ is freedom like no other. It’s a peace that passes understanding. It’s a calm in any storm. Is restitution without speaking a word in your defense, and it’s transformation that the hands no mere man can duplicate or even come close too! Singing….. “I Love You Jesus…. I Worship and Adore You… Just Want To Tell You… That I Love You More Than Anything!!! Don’t allow anyone to bind you with their words on today or any other day. Be free in Jesus name. Amen! #imaybendbutiwontbreak #peaceofgod #beautifulsavior #livingword

Wolves in Sheeps Clothing

Learn to be your own person, with your own thoughts, fueled by the power of God. People will turn you into puppets for their secret pleasures if you’re not careful. Pray for #wisdom from God and walk in #discernment beware of #wolvesinsheepsclothing

The Butterfly Effect: The Makeover Women’s Conference

If you are anywhere close to the Huntsville Alabama area September 17 you do not want to miss this metamorphosis experience. Ladies, we are coming out of the cocoon with our wings intact. We’re getting to the root of the problem and we are exhorting one another to greatness! Warning: “It’s a NO HATE; NO GOSSIP; NO SOWING DISCORD ZONE! #conference #makeover #ministry #overcomingemotionalhurt #doyourthingGod #metamorphosis #love #sisterhood #yesImyourkeeper #emotionalhealing

The Opportunity for Temptation

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe said these words to her as though she should be proud of them. As though they should give her comfort in his affairs, and treatment of her in their marriage. As some sort of championship feat, unmatched by his extramarital affair lovers. She was silent and tears rolled down her face. This was the final straw. She knew it was over. It was more than past time to walk away. She felt something she hadn’t felt before since she first found out about her husbands affairs. Utter humiliation, entangled with anger. Not toward Jason, but herself for allowing the situation to escalate to this level of disrespect. He opened his eyes and looked at her because he could feel her tears hit his chest. She stood and went into the bathroom to clean herself up. But instead, fell to her knees in front of the shower and burst into tears. She couldn’t control her emotions. She usually held her tears until she was alone. Which wasn’t often, as her son Jared spent almost every waking moment with her because she didn’t trust what he would say if she weren’t there to buffer his conversation with others. And, from the first few weeks following her finding out about the affairs after Jared mentioned that he hears her crying often, even when alone she’d stopped showing emotion. But like a time bomb they exploded, and she cried out in a crumpled heap on the bathroom floor. He closed his eyes, sighed and whispered to himself, “Ugh, Jason, what’s wrong with you. That was insensitive, even for you. That was too much. Go get her. Hold her in your arms and comfort her. You have to fix this, Jason. That was too over the top.” He got out of bed, went into the bathroom, he knelt beside her, and pulled her into his arms, “Trina. Come here, baby. Come here. I got you…I got you, baby.” He kissed the top of her head, “Shhhhh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, baby. That was cruel. I’m sorry, Trina. I’m sorry…okay, baby.” She wept, but allowed him to hold her. As crazy as it may seem. She really needed to cry in his arms and was angry with herself that she wanted to be there. Because that fact, to her at least, showed just how much control he had over her. She desperately tried to no avail to control her tears. Her body shook as she began to rock back and forth and cried out almost to the point of screaming. All the hurt she’d felt over the last six or seven months came exploding out of her. She had never fully allowed herself to weep. Between being with Jared most of the day and Jason at night, she’d learned to suppress her emotions about the affairs. Her pain filled the room, and the air became thick and stifling. Jason now understood the magnitude of how much pain and suffering he’d caused his wife to endure. For the first time he felt remorse, and her tears tormented him. “Come on, Trina. I need you to stop crying, okay.” She continued to weep. There was no stopping her. “Okay, come on baby, please stop. I said I was sorry, okay. Come on Trina stop crying baby. Ugh…baby, I promise I won’t talk like that when we’re in bed together anymore. I won’t talk about them when I’m with you, okay. Come on, baby…stop crying.” She could feel his body stiffen, but she couldn’t stop crying. Every fiber of her being hurt and every level of pain inside of her. She was overwhelmed by what she had endured in her marriage. She felt like she had a ten-pound hair ball in her stomach, and began to cramp. She was battling to keep her sanity, and her emotions were being extracted from her body. The almost unbearable pain in her stomach ached as though she were being pushed through a meat grinder, with the butcher just out of her reach with no way to stop him from turning the crank handle. She had never felt so much pain. She could feel the blood being forced through her veins and arteries at a rushing speed and she feared she would lose consciousness at any moment. How can emotional hurt bring this type of force, she wondered?

Trina and Jason Morris

~The Opportunity for Temptation~
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Marriage|What women should know about picking up the pieces

Pick It Up

Have you ever been at a place in your marriage that you just didn’t know how to pray? Are difficult times making it too hard to pray? Maybe sometimes you really just don’t want to pray for him…been there!  I know all too well what this is like.  Sometimes when you get to that place is it like you start losing momentum in your everyday prayer life?

I was trying to get my morning walk in yesterday before bible study. As I was walking, with my arms swinging, I looked down and saw a penny. I heard a gentle voice say, “go back and pick it up”. Unfortunately He had to tell me twice. I turned around walked back to the penny and as I picked it up I noticed there were two pennies….and they were heads up. Beautiful, shiny, bright pennies.  I began thanking the Lord…

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So You Say You’re Ready To Be A Soldier? Have you counted up these costs?

matt and MekaWhether anyone wants to acknowledge that we will be in harms way again soon or not, I will. No more than two years from now we will definitely be in a new foreign land hunting down people who want our heads.

I’ve been thinking a lot about it because I see fellow soldiers talking about how they want to go, but most of them are young and have NEVER seen sustained combat like this. I never knock innocence, but REAL AGGRESSIVE war is not the same of having a sweet FOB to run back to every day.

You and your unit are the FOB. I remember scoring some onions out of a field in Iraq and losing my mind over how good it tasted with a MRE. I remember running out of water. I remember that we all had trench foot from not showering for a month and fighting trenches in a flipping MOPP SUIT!

I remember having shell shock so bad that people couldn’t take pictures of me without me dropping to the ground in complete disarray. I remember losing track of time every shower I took when I got home because all I wanted to do was relive firefights and analyze our actions and all of the sudden the water was cold from me being in there for 40 minutes.

I remember wondering if my wife moved on or if my daughter was ok because there wasn’t even mail for quite some time. I remember the fear of acceptance because I knew people had heard the stories about me taking lives.

I remember what it felt like thinking how did I make it home alive, but stepping back into Iraq only 12 months after getting home for the second time in the same exact place. I remember the constant concern of death and going to hell.

I remember the scent of burning feces, used tampons, dead bodies, and urine. I remember the on the spot memorial services for the fallen and the faces on everyone feeling pain.

I remember what my one of great friends blown off leg felt like as a held it in my hands and how a medic told me to throw it in the dumpster when we got back to the FOB. Thank God my 1SG was there to stop me from doing mean things to that individual.

I remember feeling numb constantly and heartless in the midst of tragedy and wondering what was wrong with me. I remember getting evacuated to Germany because of repeated mini strokes from taking too many detonations and the doctors so clueless that they thought it was a brain tumor.

PTSD didn’t exist back then nor did TBI.

I’m sure the thought of fighting for your country feels amazing in itself, but you need to know there is a price to experience the ultimate glory.

The price you may pay just might be the ultimate sacrifice.

Get focused, get ready, and prepare your families because when the nation calls…IT IS ON. If you’re not ready, you’re not coming back. One little mistake you’re dead. This junk is real. There won’t be story time like there was on my last deployment.

There won’t be going to the gym. There won’t be yummy food that you guys complained about anyways. There won’t be barracks. There won’t be A/C. There won’t be heat. There won’t be stores and poker nights. There won’t be clubs for you to cheat on your spouse at.

There will be you and your unit period. I hope you’re still excited because even though I’m scared, I still have another round left in me….

1SG Matthew Dzuricky

our troops trying to have a cook out in Afghanistan and the enemy decides to crash party….providing cover fire for the LT to move into position. You got to…

What others are saying about “The Other Side of Through”

My name is Monique Adams, the editor in chief of the Higher Connection Magazine, a national bi-monthly publication.  I have had the privilege of connecting with some amazing writers, this particular author being one of them. Cynthia Middlebrooks Harris is a ridiculously gifted and talented author! Her unique style of writing captures your undivided attention, pulls you into the scenic atmosphere of the book, and leaves you longing for more at the close of each chapter. Cynthia has changed the fundamental face of the three R’s from, “reading, writing and arithmetic” to a more mature aesthetic, “relevant, reliable and relatable”. She has gaged the social temperature of modern day Christendom with a thermometer that transcends culture and age: RELEVANT. With an effortless knack for systematic prose, she causes you to depend on the strategic potent phrases like, “divinely familiar” and also “the voice of prophesy coming to pass”: RELIABLE. Cynthia has prophetically portrayed the predestined interaction between families that connects the Body of Christ from heart to heart; breast to breast; and experience to experience: RELATABLE. So world, without reservation, I present you Minister Cynthia Middlebrooks Harris, author extraordinaire. As you read the pages that will surely captivate your heart, you will grow to love the author that will encourage your soul.

~Monique Adams; Editor in Chief of Higher Connection Magazine~

The Opportunity for Temptation goes live!

The wait OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAis over!!! Thanks to my wonderful cover models and dear friends, Quentin and Katherine Mack. The Opportunity for Temptation is now live on Create Space and eBook for kindle. Available soon on and soon. Click this link to order the paper version and for the eBook version click this link:…/…/ref=sr_1_1… Please help us spread the word (share this post over and over, on all your social media sites to get the word out) and happy reading! Thanks for all your love, support and patience this last year my mom passed and I needed time to refocus in waiting for the book. I pray your wait will be worth it, as you experience life inside JaQuan and Vanessa’s world. ‪#‎TeamTOSOT‬ ‪#‎ebooks‬ ‪#‎bookclubs‬ ‪#‎readers‬ ‪#‎goodreads #mustreads